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FAQ Fly and Lice

When it comes to long woolled sheep, it can be difficult to control lice. Pour-ons for lice e.g., Wipeout, Magnum and Vanquish; achieve best results when applied to the fleece within 24 hours after shearing. Some products however, are best applied with some wool. For example, Zenith concentrate, for fly and lice control, is best applied via jetting or shower dipping between 2-5 weeks off-shears. This allows the dip chemical to bind and persist in the wool and wool grease, and ensures that the fleece is saturated to skin level.

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FAQ Drench

Larval numbers on pasture are generally highest in late spring and autumn. The commonly recommended interval of 28 days between drenches in young stock is aimed at minimising pasture contamination with worm eggs by breaking the worm life cycle

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