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Product Details

Flexolt® is the first ever oral lice treatment for sheep, giving farmers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to treating their flock. The world-first product can be used on both sheep and lambs*, of any wool length, revolutionising how and when producers can administer a lice treatment.

Flexolt contains a novel active ingredient that works systemically from the inside out, meaning it provides farmers with solutions to common challenges that can affect externally applied lice products.

*Lambs from 6kg body weight

Product Sizes

5 Litre.

ACVM No. A011971.



A lice treatment which is flexible to treat sheep with any length of wool.
F – Flex, O – Oral, L – Lice, T – Treatment

Flexolt lets you choose when it suits you to treat for lice and gives you the convenience to treat at any time of the year and in any conditions. As a result lice treatment is no longer tied to shearing.

All management mobs can be treated at once regardless of wool length.

Split shearing is common practice and often leads to lice outbreaks and retreatment. By being able to treat all mobs at once, the likelihood of a lice outbreak is substantially reduced. Furthermore newly purchased sheep can be treated and quarantined from the rest of the flock with no shearing required.

Flexolt is a low dose oral treatment.

With more doses per pack compared to other lice products, Flexolt makes transport, storage and disposal easier – like the rest of the Coopers range, Flexolt drums can be recycled through your local Agrecovery collection centre.

Due to being an oral treatment Flexolt is unaffected by rain.

Rain events and wet fleeces don’t have to dictate treatment timing and sheep can be treated without cold weather exposure issues (common with dipping or jetting) meaning more flexibility for your farming operation.

Extensively trialed to prove its effectiveness across different sheep operations, locations and wool lengths.

Proven to be effective for New Zealand sheep, in New Zealand conditions. As a result, farmers can have confidence that Flexolt will work for their unique farming conditions.

Contains the novel active ingredient Fluralaner.

No known lice resistance giving farmers confidence Flexolt will be highly effective against all lice on their sheep.

As Flexolt is administered orally, its effectiveness is not affected by poor shearing.

The effectiveness of traditional lice treatments which are applied topically can be negatively impacted by poor shearing. This is not the case with Flexolt which is effective regardless of wool length given it works from the inside out.

Dose rate

LiveweightDoseDoses per pack: 5L

*Add 1.5mL for each 10kg above 100kg.

Administration method

For oral (drenching) use only.

Drench Gun Icon

The above diagram illustrates correct application method.

Withholding periods

Sheep Meat: 56 days.
Sheep Milk: DO NOT USE in lactating ewes producing milk for human consumption.
In Utero Lambs: DO NOT SLAUGHTER the lambs born to Flexolt treated ewes for human consumption until 56 days from the treatment of ewes.
Wool: Nil


Active ingredients


ACVM Number: A011971


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Short wool vs long wool?
When it comes to long woolled sheep, it can be difficult to control lice. Pour-ons for lice e.g., Wipeout, Magnum and Vanquish; achieve best results when applied to the fleece within 24 hours after shearing.

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