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Product Details

Zenith® Concentrate is an off-white, water-based insect growth regulator insecticide for saturation dipping and jetting.

Zenith Concentrate is a fly and lice treatment in one. It is ideal for the prevention of flystrike throughout the fly season, and for the control of lice at any time of the year.

Product Sizes

5 Litre and 10 Litre.

Products are available from your chosen vet or rural supplier. You can find a list of stockists for Coopers products here.



Diflubenzuron interferes with the formation of the insect’s outer layer during the development causing death of blowfly larvae and lice nymphs.

Provides up to 12 weeks fly control and controls lice.

Diflubenzuron (IGR) is a concentrate dip for sheep. For saturation dipping or jetting.

Animal and farmer friendly.

Dose rate

ApplicationMixing RateDoses per 5L pack
Shower / Plunge Dip150mL per 100L of water*1,666
Jetting250mL per 100L of water*1,000
Doses per pack calculation: recommended MINIMUM is 2 Litres dipwash per sheep with 4 weeks wool.

Administration method

Product may be applied by plunge dip,
shower dip or jetting for flystrike prevention.
Saturation dip is required for lice control –
apply as plunge or shower dip to sheep with
short wool. For lice the optimum time for
application is 14-35 days after clean-shearing,
or 14-28 days after cover-comb shearing.

Withholding periods

Sheep Meat: Nil
Sheep Milk: 35 days

Wool Harvest Interval: 60 days

ZENITH® Concentrate Pack Shot 5L

Active ingredients


ACVM Number: A6102

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Short wool vs long wool?
When it comes to long woolled sheep, it can be difficult to control lice. Pour-ons for lice e.g., Wipeout, Magnum and Vanquish; achieve best results when applied to the fleece within 24 hours after shearing.

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