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Product Details

Vanquish® is a free-flowing, synthetic pyrethroid insecticide pour-on for the control of lice and prevention of flystrike. An ideal emergency lice outbreak treatment.

Product Size

10 Litre.

Products are available from your chosen vet or rural supplier. You can find a list of suppliers for Coopers products here.



Vanquish contains the synthetic pyrethroid (SP) alpha-cypermethrin. Alpha-cypermethrin acts as a contact neurotoxin causing paralysis and subsequent death of susceptible ectoparasites. Synthetic pyrethroids are oviposition suppressants and hence repel fly landings.

Provides up to 22 weeks protection against lice reinfestation and prevents flystrike for up to 6 weeks.

Alpha-cypermethrin (SP) pour-on for sheep.

Kills adult lice and nymphs and fly larvae on contact and remains active in the fleece to provide long-lasting protection.

Best used off-shears, but may be used in sheep with up to 10 months wool growth.

Flexible application including emergency long-wool lice treatment.

Dose rate

AnimalWool GrowthDose
Sheep0-4 months10mL
4-6 months15mL
6-10 months20mL
Lambs0-2 months5mL
2-6 months10mL
6-10 months20mL

Administration method

Best practice for lice control is off-shears, but Vanquish can be used on all breeds with up to 10 months wool growth.

Apply in a continuous wide band (10-12cm) down the midline from between the ears to the tail using a Coopers T-bar gun. Ensure equal coverage on either side of the midline.

Application illustration Magnum - for sheep

The above diagram illustrates correct application method.

Withholding periods

Sheep Meat: 7 days
Sheep Milk: 35 days

Wool Harvest Interval: 60 days


Active ingredients

alpha-cypermethrin, Synthetic Pyrethroid (SP)50g/litre

ACVM Number: A5997


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Short wool vs long wool?
When it comes to long woolled sheep, it can be difficult to control lice. Pour-ons for lice e.g., Wipeout, Magnum and Vanquish; achieve best results when applied to the fleece within 24 hours after shearing.

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