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Sheep Lice Cost Estimator

This tool will help you estimate the financial impact of lice in your flock


  1. Select the ‘Degree of Lice Infestation’ from the drop down list*
  2. Insert your flock information into the other editable fields.
  3. The calculator will then estimate the cost of lice infestation in your flock

*Light infestation = less than 1 louse/parting; Medium infestation = 1-5 lice/parting; Heavy infestation = greater than 5 lice/parting

NOTE: Unless you perform a lice count, the degree of lice infestation will likely be an estimate. In some flocks where it has been a long time since the initial infestation, sheep may show few signs of irritability or discomfort (although fleece derangement may be a feature) and so there is a potential to underestimate the degree of infestation. Equally, some sheep will show lots of discomfort with only a few lice, especially in the early stages.