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Lice Management – a 10 Point Plan

Backline Treatments for Lice

  1. Read the label carefully and treat in accordance with the label recommendations.
  2. Treat all sheep annually off-shears (within 24hrs following shearing).
  3. Shear with flat combs. Ensure sheep are cleanly shorn, with no tufts of wool remaining.
  4. Shear and treat all sheep at one time. Avoid spilt-shearing and treating sheep unless the different mobs are completely separated.
  5. Check that the applicator has been calibrated and is accurately dispensing the recommended dose.
  6. If applying a pour-on, apply with a T-Bar from the poll (between the ears) to the tail down the middle of the backline. Do not deviate from the spine. If you are unable to apply product evenly all the way down the backline using the label dose, increase the dose to ensure the entire backline area is covered.
  7. Treatment must be done at least 3 weeks prior to lambing. If it is later than this there is a risk lice may be transferred on to lambs.
  8. Do not mix treated sheep with untreated sheep.
  9. Maintain a stock-proof boundry. Stock-proof fences are essential to prevent reinfestation from outside sources.
  10. Prevent reinfestation of lice by treating introduced sheep and quarantining them from all other sheep until they have been shorn and treated at least once off-shears.

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