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Drenching Your Calves? Think Coopers Converge®

About Coopers Converge

Did you know Coopers Converge was specially formulated for calves? It’s very effective against the major worm species affecting young cattle including Ostertagia, Cooperia, Trichostrongylus and lungworm.

Why spend money on an ineffective and expensive pour-on, when you could use an effective, affordable oral drench such as Coopers Converge? Converge is a low dose (1ml/10kg liveweight) combination of abamectin and levamisole with a unique formulation that makes it ideal for calves.

Using combination actives reduces the risk of developing drench resistance, and, as levamisole and abamectin work in slightly different ways, the use of both in combination gives excellent results.

Achieving target liveweight is crucial for dairy calves. Calves that do not achieve their target live weights will not become the high producing dairy cows that you had hoped for. So, to ensure that calves reach these weights, farmers and graziers need to monitor their stock regularly to ensure that growth rates are on track to reach targets.

Using an oral drench for as long as possible in dairy calves is ideal, and the use of a cattle hook means the process is simple, fast and doesn’t take much longer than using a pour-on – and your wallet will thank you.

Coopers Converge gives the right dose, in the right place, killing the right worms, and all at the right price.

Calves should be over 100kg when using a product containing abamectin. Generally young calves, especially those still on milk, do not need drenching; so discuss this with your local animal health advisor.

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